Dear Web Site Reader,

My name is Sally Kathleen Lehman. I was born in The Dalles, Oregon (the fourth of five daughters) and raised in Eastern Oregon, eventually landing in a suburb of Portland where I met and married the Hubs. We have three daughters.

I have been writing poetry since I was a child then decided to try to write a novel. When I completed the novel (which is fairly terrible) I began taking writing classes; I know, that seems a bit backwards. I was very lucky to happen upon a class taught by C. Marcus Parr at Mt Hood Community College. He was the first person outside of my family to tell me that I could write, and I owe him so much for being there.

Over the years, I have studied with Stevan Allred, David Ciminello, Ariel Gore, Liz Prato, C. Marcus Parr, Judith Pulman, Joanna Rose, Tom Spanbauer, Vanesa Veselka, and Lidia Yuknavitch. And, yes, I listed them alphabetically because I could never say who had the most influence on me, as they are all amazing writers, teachers and people. More recently, I've studied with the remarkable faculty at Wilkes University in the prestigious Maslow Family Graduate Program in Creative Writing.

I would also like to thank the people I have been in critique groups with Elyssa Lehman, Caitlin Lehman, Jason Arias, Laura Arias, Fufkin Vollmayar, Jessica Ann Standifird, Jonathan Oak, Naomi Abrahams, Jennifer Fulford, Alice Lloyd, Rockne Dufec, Roberta Hegland, Gayle Towell, Adam Loewen, and Amber Cook. A word of advice if you are a writer, go out and find other writers so you can read your words to one another and develop your tools.

You can find my work in various places, but most recently in Lunch Ticket, The Coachella Review, and at the link below.




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